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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Shadowverse: Evolve Sidekick?

    Shadowverse: Evolve Sidekick is an app designed to help players manage their matches. Players can keep track of each leader’s defense, play points, and even send emotes.

    Players can also scan a leader card of their choice to be displayed in-app.

Basic Usage

  • How do I use the defense and play point counters?

    Please refer to the official Shadowverse: Evolve Sidekick home page:

  • What do I do when the game ends?

    Tap the menu button on the top left-hand side of the screen. You can return to the class selection screen to start a new game.

About Leader Cards

  • I can’t scan my leader card.

    If you are having difficulties importing a leader, please check that your device meets the recommended system specifications.

    View recommended platforms here:

    If your device meets the recommended specifications but fails to read the leader card, please do the following:
    - Check your device’s internet connection.
    - Wait a while and try scanning again.

  • Why is there a limited number of emotes?

    The number of emotes may change depending on the leader.

  • My device gives me an error message when I try to scan a leader card.

    Please check that the card is compatible for scanning and positioned within the scanning range of your device. Do not move the card away from your device until scanning is complete.

  • My leader disappears when I restart or reinstall the app.

    Shadowverse: Evolve Sidekick is unable to save data. Please scan your leader card again.

Before Using the App

  • Is this app free?

    Yes. However, downloading and using the app while using mobile data may incur separate fees. Please check with your service provider.

  • What are the recommended system specifications for using this app?

    Please check the following page for recommended platforms and operating systems:

    We cannot guarantee this app will run on platforms or operating systems that are not listed on the page above.

  • Does the app require an internet connection?

    No, the app itself does not require an internet connection. However, some features do require a connection, so we recommend being connected to the internet.

  • Will I be able to transfer my data if I change devices?

    No, Shadowverse: Evolve Sidekick does not save user data.

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